Oburu Odinga now accuses Jakoyo Midiwo over his lost chickens last year


Oburu Odinga has now accused Jakoyo Midiwo over his lost chickens in their homestead in Bondo. Last year thieves broke into East African Legislative Assembly lawmaker Oburu Odinga’s home and stole more than a thousand chicken in his poultry yard.

The burglars were said to be operating in Bondo, raising the rate of insecurity in the town, Oburu now asserts that they were hired by Jakoyo Midiwo. Oburu said that last year the thugs butchered an innocent man – who was his own farm attendant – and dumped his body at a nearby dam, meaning there is something sinister he is not understanding.

The lawmaker has called for an overhaul of the security system in Bondo sub-county, adding some police officers have overstayed and “outlived their usefulness”.

“Bondo is endowed with all manner of security personnel, yet these murders and the worrying security trends increase every other day,” he said.

Oburu, who is the elder brother of Opposition leader Raila Odinga also criticized the police for harassing boda-boda operators in the ongoing crackdown to restore sanity on the roads.

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