Opinion – Mike Sonko has shown he fears the ever growing popularity of Babu Owino


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shown openly that he is being threatened by the ever growing popularity of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. Sonko is currently facilitating a social media onslaught against Babu both on twitter and facebook. The micro bloggers who are now faking letters, pay slips and everything to taint Babu’s name are on the loose to make sure that everyone believes in their cheap, useless, hollow nonsense and propaganda.

What Sonko is forgetting is that he’s building Babu to be even more liked amongst the Nairobi voter population. Babu’s opponents have started shaking this early 3 years to the 2022 elections because of the milestones he had made in EE since he became an MP. The legislature took over when EE constituency was in a bad state, water crisis was the order of the day, roads were in a bad state too but one year down the line that is a history for the people of Embakasi East.

Babu has not officially declared his interest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat but it appears the failed Sonko has already taken him as a worthy competitor and started fighting him by tooth and tongue! Another thing these people forget that is that Babu’s political life has been gruesome ever since the times he was in campus. All have been said about him but he still manages to survive those and emerge a victor.

Sonko has fallen prey of few boys who are misleading him to be abusing Babu on social media. What am pretty sure if Babu decides to respond all will run and hide in caves. He’s good this game but he’s chose to take a low profile and give the mouthing dog time to enjoy and rant. He has refused to give them attention. A very wise move. You can’t beat Babu in his own game, for that one they should just forget.

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Interestingly Sonko has managed to recruit Miguna Miguna to his blogging toothless team which is fighting Babu on twitter. Miguna a failed psycho who is living in denial and desperation. He started fighting Raila he failed, he fought Uhuruto he failed, he fought Sonko he failed now he’s being sent handouts by Sonko to fight Babu. Very interesting indeed!!

By Generali Osumo

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