Optimistic comrade Agunda on honourable adagala this time.

Adagala addressing the press during the launch at Mukuli Salvation Army

Meet comrade Vincent Agunda who is the chairperson of Gisambai Ward Youth Bunge. He has a charity event dubbed “The girl child,” the charity event is meant to help girls in primary schools across Gisambai Ward, not to stay home during their periods, so the youth bunge in conjunction with Mrs.Eunice Odari and Vinto entertainment decided to organize on how they can help the girls.

So they came up with the program which is scheduled to take place in March, in a one on one interview with comrade Vincent Agunda, we asked him, “why are you doing the work that it is supposed to be done by your woman representative?” he answered, “am just a down to earth young man,I know the challenges our girls are facing, am not doing anybody’s work, am just but trying to support my sisters because we can’t sit down and wait for hon Adagala,infact I have tried to bring her on board but since she is a ruler and not a leader, she decided to ignore my calls, she decided to blue tick my whatsap texts, but am sure God will bring well-wishers on board and we will complete the charity event,a leader is one who is ready to listen to his or her people regardless of their positions or background, but a ruler is one who has no time to listen to his or her people, he or she has few people whom he or she do listen to, that’s why I am terming mheshimiwa Adagala a ruler.”

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