Ouma Allan -Kikuyus cannot be trusted


Raila is not a fool , kikuyus used him and dumped him during Kibaki time . When he won against Kibaki they stole his victory .

Raila knew that for him to become a president or rescue this nation from the kenyatta’s and moi Cartels he Should sneak into the govenrnent.

Through the handshake Raila got into the govenrnent and very close to president Uhuru Kenyatta.
Remember what Hon James orengo said . *This government will punish you more than it could punish me.*
That is what the govenrnent is already doing to its own people. Three Jubilee governors are already out and the president is just watching the prophesy of hon James orengo has come true .
Raila knows very well kikuyus will never Support him to become a president or prime minister.
Uhuru has been accepted by Raila SYCOPHANTS but Raila has not been accepted by the kikuyus. They still hold a grudge with Raila and they have opted to support Ruto because he helped them secure the election twice with Uhuru promising to support Ruto after 10years .
The president in statehouse he believes that he has a Support from the elected leaders but the ground is different. The only people seeking refugee in the president side are the corrupt governors who don’t want to be arrested hence siding with the president to continue surviving.
The kikuyu elected MPS ,women rep and MCAs are fully supporting Ruto because they know Raila has no good intentions with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila also knows that he must play smart because the ground is shifting towards Ruto and it’s going to be difficult for Uhuru to salvage it . Raila can comfortably sign an MOU with Ruto to have Raila serve one term as president due to his age limits and then Support Ruto there after .

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The recent arrest of governor sonko whoever Advised the president Committed a political suicide as the kamba community have shifted their Support to Ruto for they feel like this government is punishing their own people.
Sonko was the only person the president could use to deal with Ruto but now it’s too late kalonzo has also shifted to the deputy president side hence confirming that Raila’s kamba Support base is gone.
The best advice I can give the president is to revisit his decision to fight corruption and secure the release of sonko under one condition,sonko to help him campaign for BBI if it means they go for the referendum.

The president is supposed to revisit his strategies ,do away with his advisors and stop using the Ugandan president way of intimidating his opposers. The Kenyans have matured politically and have learned that electing some one from your community you don’t benefit in anyway.
The BBI report was accepted by Ruto because in either way Ruto will not oppose it hence the president will have no option but get other means of eliminating Ruto competition. As it stands Ruto is the front runner for the 2022 presidential election and the truth is the people pushing the president to frustrate Ruto supporters is the MPs who lost 2017 elections believing it’s Ruto behind their misfortunes.
Recently the president has gained weight as he is stress-free after the handshake but things down here outside statehouse are different.
Mr president wake up ,the ground is not what you are being told .

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