Plans underway to demolish Club Sabina Joy by Nairobi County Government


The popular Sabina Joy in Nairobi’s city center is set to be demolished, Nairobi County government declares.

A demolition squad has already been contracted by the County government to demolish the club before the month elapses.

The owner of Sabina Joy is engaged in a fight with the county government over land rates. Men in the country have taken it on social media opposing the move to demolish the Club. Frequent visitors at the club have urged the County government of Nairobi to reconsider their decision as it may erupt chaos and demonstrations in the CBD.

Men looking for adult entertainment outside the harsh eyes of the public mostly visit Sabina joy club Nairobi.

The pub has rooms at the back where for Ksh500, you can handle your business for a short while before the door is banged by another patron.

This is the place where men let loose and enjoy a good time with women of their choice. The women at Sabina joy pub Nairobi are receptive and ever eager to please the men who come to them for this kind of fun.

On the dance floor, and available spaces, bodies grind on each other, just as sensual as it would be between people romantically linked.

Serious businesspersons have been seen hovering around the bar taking tables in corners where they chat in hushed tones. Sometimes they invite a few girls over just not to look so much out of place.

With a bottle or two of beer, the men have been able to seal deals that have seen many grown in businesses forces to reckon with. Sometimes there is no place in town safe or hidden enough to talk about the most lucrative deals like those in real estate

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