Police arrests former Starehe candidate Steve Mbogo,detained at Nairobi Area Police Station


Police take in Steve Mbogo over assault rifle, a bulletproof vest

Former Starehe parliamentary hopeful Steve Mbogo was on Wednesday morning summoned to Nairobi Area Police Station to explain his ownership of a sophisticated firearm and bulletproof vest.

Steve Mbogo was taken in by the police from his Karen home on Wednesday morning.

The law enforcers suspect that the weapon and protective gear are unlicensed.

Speaking to EDAILY on phone at 12:50PM on Wednesday, Mr Mbogo confirmed that he was at the Nairobi Area police post.

“They asked me to come and verify the ownership of my guns. We’re currently going through that process at the station. Hopefully, we’ll be done with it soonest possible,” said Mr Mbogo before hanging up.The politician’s personal assistant, whose name is David, said he “could not comment on the issue, asking EDAILY to call him after 30 minutes”. Our subsequent attempts to reach him were fruitless.Nairobi area police boss Richard Kerich, however, said he was “unaware” of Steve Mbogo’s ‘arrest’.

“Who is that Mbogo? I am unaware whether such a person has been arrested,” he told EDAILY on phone.

Mr Mbogo was on Tuesday pictured holding a sophisticated firearm while sporting a bullet proof vest at the 14 Riverside Drive in Nairobi during a terror attack, which has left 14 dead.

Kenyans online questioned the capacity Steve Mbogo occupied as he went to the terror front in a fashion akin to a top specialised anti-terror officer.

EDAILY reached him on phone Tuesday evening.

Mr Mbogo said he went to the terror front as a “licensed firearms holder, who was willing to help”.

“I am a licensed firearms holder. I was running my errands near the dusitD2 Hotel here in Nairobi, when I learnt that the facility was under a terror attack. Because I was in a position to help, given I have good knowledge on how to handle firearms and protect myself against such situations, I went in to help in the rescue operations. If you are asking in what capacity I was there, I would tell you: I was there as a civilian, who is mandated by law to handle firearms,” Mr Mbogo told EDAILY.

When pressed to explain if he – always – walks or drives around with such classy automatic rifles, Mr Mbogo said: “Such questions are not relevant as of now.”

Steve Mbogo was also put to task to explain the circumstances in which he owns a bulletproof vest, which, according to Kenyan law, is nearly impossible for a civilian to posses.

In his response, he said: “I am still occupied with rescue operations. Let me take cover and then I will speak to you later.”

DusitD2 Hotel was attacked by unknown gunmen, said to be five in number, at 3pm Tuesday.

Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, which has left several wounded with some occupants feared dead.

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