By Festus Kipchumba.

Life sometimes is full of challenges and tribulations, which come and go, but for Ruth Rono from Lelbatai village in Tenges ward, life has been hell on earth and no single day has passed without her shedding tears.

Ruth, who graduated four years ago from Chuka University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Statistics 1st class honors has not been able to secure any job since she is at home taking care of her siblings.

One of her younger sisters is disable and she requires round the clock attention which has put her in an awkward position as she is the family’s breadwinner with no formal job.

Her mother is sick and due to the impoverished state of the family, she decided to go back to her home so that she can be well attended to by relatives.

Her father is a drunkard and he cares less about the children leaving them in the hands of Ruth the first born daughter who is now doing manual labour to carter for fees and food for her younger siblings.

When Baringo News team visited the home, she was busy doing house chores ; cleaning the three grass thatched houses before rushing to the river to draw water for domestic use and after that she was to milk their only goat so that she can prepare breakfast.

“I went to Tabagon girls High school where I scored an A- with all the challenges of being chased from school due to fee problems and I remember that my parents were only able to pay a total of Shs11,000 for the entire four years”, she revealed, adding that she finished high school with fees arrears of over Shs90,000.

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Luckily, during a prize giving day ceremony, one of the teachers raised her issue and that was when Shs 50,000 were raised to settle the arrears and the school waived the remaining balance of 40,000.

Amid sobs, the 27 year old went on narrating that after that she got lucky to get enrolled into Chuka University under the government-sponsored programme.

“After campus I spent time in Nairobi doing some casual jobs but that didn’t last long since after four months I was called by my mother and she told me that our father had razed down all the three houses following family disagreements” she had to stop for some few minutes as she wiped her tears which were now flowing uncontrollably.

With the little savings she had managed to save, she now embarked on a journey back home where she came and reconstructed the houses which had been torched by his father. And all this time they were taking refuge in a neighbors house.

“I remember one day my sister nearly starved to death due to lack of food and since then I decided to stay at home to fend for them as the elder sister” she said.

Two of her siblings are in day school and she is the one who goes up and down to ensure that they continue with their studies.

She is now calling upon members of the public and any other well wisher to assist her get a job so that she can help her family.

“If I get a good job I know that I will be in a good position to bring back my sick mother and take her to a good hospital, educate well my siblings, build them a nice home and also transform the society where I come from as a whole” said the mother of one.

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Cheplambus Location Assistant Chief Eric Kiplagat, stressed that the family really needs help to salvage them from the current state.

He also confessed that there is a big challenge of illicit brew in the area which has impoverished alot of families in the area and as the administration they are trying all they could to address the same.

Tenges ward MCA Silas Tochim who visited the family today called upon the county leadership and also national government to create positions for such people in the society.

“I am aware that she has applied for the county internship and I will try pushing to see to it that she gets something to sustain her family as she keeps on looking forward for greener pastures” said the MCA.

He further called upon the area MP Joshua Kandie to seek for a slot in the government for the bright girl so that she cannot waste away in the village.

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