Pumwani Maternity Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke has been on the timeline news for helping the less fortunate in the society.


A responsible leader is the who delivers the services in gallons to the people of all races, tribes, skin color, and personal capabilities or inabilities. The Pumwani Maternity Administrator has of late flip-flopped on the headline news for intriguingly helping the less fortunate in the society. This is bizarre news that any leader in whichever position should emulate. Mr. Mosiria has demonstrated that everyone should wake up from his/her stupor and sober up to lick our wounds inflicted the bruising less fortunate escapades, pick up their lives to lead a comfortable life just like any other normal person.

In the recent incident, Mr. Mosiria, a well-groomed product of Governor Mike Sonko, was spotted serving a zany and crackbrained man, identified as Enock, with food. This attracted many residents in the nearby scene many of them terming Mr.Mosiria as a chief magistrate of true leadership. Mr. Mosiria has dedicated to reinstate and ensure that Enock gets full medical help from Mathare Mental Hospital. He has elucidated to build for the man a house for his shelter.

In the political scene, many people have come out advising Mr. Mosiria to go for a political seat and offer him full support. According to Mosiria, many candidates, in a certain political grouping have been boasting a magnificent war chest mostly financed from the proceeds of grafts when in real sense are delivering in pints to help the less fortunate in the society. Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, standing and outdoor

‘In our calendar, we do serious politics for fairly four years and only concentrate on building the nation and helping the poor for only one year’ Mr. Mosiria addressed the Nairobi residents.

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‘The government should induce some impromptu schedule and scheme of development to look for an alternative best way of helping the less fortunate in society’ he added.

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