Roy Ochieng Opuba ,city Businessman declares his interest in 2022 politics


Roy Ochieng Opuba was born and raised in Upper Svana, Nairobi county. He studied in the same ward and later joined  Main Campus at the University of Nairobi to study economics.

Hivipunde reporter had an inclusive interview with Mr. Roy at his offices. During the interview with Mr. Roy, he shares about her initiatives and why he has a passion for politics.

Can you give us a quick review of your background?

I was born in Upper Savana from a humble family. Ever since I was a young child, I had this passion wanting to help the vulnerable in the society, I love to meet with and talk to new people and I have never forgotten this dream, I am also God fearing and all my dedications are directed by the calling of God. As a result, I took my studies seriously, having begun schooling here, all the way to Secondary School and eventually got admitted at the University of Nairobi, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Economics. I then have been working for different establishments up to now.

Roy Earlier with Antony Kibagendi

Say you like giving back to society, What drives you to give back to the Society? 

It’s my passion. I grew up knowing that everyone deserves an equal chance in the society, The point drives me.

Do you think its a must you join politics to help the less fortunate?

Yes, Advocacy for equality and desire for everyone to be able to achieve their full potential, to achieve one’s potential then we need to have good leadership.

I want to be among those that help my fellow mankind achieve their full potential by providing conducive environment while in power. The legislation is very crucial in this setting also.

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Tell us what you have done so far?

I am a businessperson with interest in construction, property, and transport.

I am also doing community projects eg the opening A CBO called savanna fresh that aims at making savanna the cleanest ward in Nairobi County.

What’s your political Party?

I am an ODM Life member and that is the party I will vie with come 2022.

What keeps you going?

The desire to see change. Have seen the impact. I like it when communities work as a team, many young people should be improved both mentally, economically and politically.

Do you have hobbies? 

I like visiting people and sharing life experiences with people.

Engaging in lifetime empowerment projects.

What do you plan in the near future? 

To be a great leader not in Kenya only but in the whole of Africa, as an advocator of peace and Justice, fighter of poverty and many others.

What can you advise the young? 

Everything is possible provided that you are determined and focused. Nothing should limit you from doing what you believe in. Take a chance.

Recently, Roy enrolled for law school at the University of Nairobi.

He says that, despite being a businessman, politics has always been his interest. In 2017, he had officially declared his desire to vie for a political seat in the country but shelved his ambitions since his elder brother was vying for a position also.

Roy says that his political eark started while he was in High school. He has kept his political dream alive and he is dodging the stumps and obstacles doing a somersault on his way to make the dream come true.

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Although it is a challenging and tedious journey full of mirages, he still keeps his head high that he will make it.

Roy says part of the legacy he already has made for people of Upper Savana includes collaboration with unemployed youth to come up with initiatives to keep them busy.

Although he remains silent on how he will influence financial support in his favor, Roy is believed to be a well-connected businessman doing almost all his businesses outside the country.

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