Sonko’s Goon threatens to shoot anyone who opposes the Nairobi Governor


Nairobi Governor is on the limelight after one of his errand boys threatened to shoot anyone who opposes his boss. Governor Mike Sonko is on the record of hiring goons to always deal with those who stand on his way.

Geoffrey Mosiria,the man identified as Governor Sonko’s goon is believed to have conducted a series of attacks against the opponents of his boss during the 2017 campaign period. As a result, Governor Sonko appointed him as the Director of Pumwani Hospital. The move was opposed vehemently by the Pumwani Hospital administration but Governor Sonko did not hesitate to silence the critics .What followed after that was a series of scandals at the Pumwani Hospital.

Detectives are in pursuit of Geoffrey Mosiria for posing with a gun on social media at the same time threatening to shoot mercilessly anyone who opposes the Nairobi Governor.

“We are uncovering everything to ensure that the suspect is arrested and brought before the book. We urge members of the public not to be scared as the government is in full control to guarantee their safety” Kiluni Njogu, a detective said in a statement.

Geoffrey Mosiria has dismissed police detectives in pursuit after him urging that he has not broken the law in any way. ” This is purely political. As a law abiding citizen, I will not sit back and watch my rights being masturbated on by the rogue police force” an angry Mosiria quipped.

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