Sounds dominates ‘Mens Conference ‘


Men across the world dread just one date in every year’s calendar because of the demands and pressure that comes with it.

That date is February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day; the universally declared day of love, but which men world over have accused their women of turning into their second birthdays.

This is because men feel that the responsibility to make the day special in a relationship has been left solely on their shoulders; and so it is always no surprise running into a man in a sweaty suit sprinting across town carrying a bouquet of flowers, chocolate and apples towards his better half’s place of work on this day.

And so, this year, the men came prepared: enter stage left, the much publicized ‘Men’s Conference.’

The ‘Men’s Conference’ is a non-existent three-day event created by men world over, especially in Africa, as a plot to escape their partners and responsibilities of Valentine’s Day.

The event was so well choreographed that even a program was released; complete with a Masters of Ceremony (M.C), Keynote speakers and agenda for the entire three days.

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