Stop Using Handshake to Grab Our Land!! Angry Luos Yell at Raila


Opposition Chief Raila Odinga had a rough time calming down angry residents of Muhoroni who aired their frustrations following the proposed special economic zone site in Ombeyi.

Angry residents claimed that President Kenyatta’s Government did not involve them in the decision making process with regards to the project.

They claimed that their rightfully owned land given to them by their ancestors was grabbed.

They are now demanding for compensation before anything can be done on their lands.

They blamed the handshake claiming it is being used to grab their land.

This protests happened while Raila addressed residents at the opening of Industrial park within the area.

“We will not allow this, yes we want development but we don’t want exploitation,” one protester said.

Residents claimed they will fight for what is rightfully theirs at all costs.

Raila tried to calm the residents, saying the project is useful.

“There is no need of SGR bringing goods to Kisumu from Mombasa then going back empty handed. We must ensure through economic zones that whenever they bring goods they go back with it to enhance trade,” he said.

“Land must be utilised to realise it’s potential.”

Raila said the relevant authorities will engage the community and get a way forward.

He noted the project will kick off as planned and will be launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in August.

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