Sudi attacks Maina Kamanda, Calls Him an Ugly and Old Extortionist


Oscar Sudi bears unmistakable resemblance with his political mentor, Deputy President William Ruto. Whenever he is on the mic, the Kapseret MP stages a Ruto incarnate show, except that the DP is still around. His torso juts forward, his biceps almost forming and painting a picture of a man in perpetual war.

The flamboyant member of parliament now says Maina Kamanda  is a conman who should not be given space in the modern days politics.In the manner of his speech, Sudi has replicated Ruto’s habit of stretching his words, biting lips in between toxic points, throwing rhetorical questions to the audience but added a feature of his own — snapping his tongue to express displeasure.

In his statement, Sudi says that Maina Kamanda is a Nairobi Mugabe who doesn’t want to retire from politics even after being defeated by a small boy.Sudi says Maina Kamanda wants to be paid Billions of Money to assure Ruto of Kikuyu’s support in the next general elections.

“This thug has been conning people in name of Kikuyu spokesperson, if we are to address corruption let’s start from when he became transport committee chairman where he is said to have amassed a lot of wealth through kickbacks and nepotism where his unqualified family government board, let’s do his lifestyle audit from 2012 to become multi-billionaire, let’s also know how he has been pursuing jubilee vision in parliament the party that nominated him, why is he acting childish by holding midnight meetings to block Dr. William Ruto?
His nomination must be revoked and given to deserving and loyal Kenyans. Period!”Sudi said in a statement.

The former Starehe legislator was recently accused of raising political temperatures in the country after he appeared on a morning show on Kameme FM launching a mission to block Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid. The move was highly criticized by listeners of the vernacular station who claimed both him and former Jubilee vice chairperson David Murathe were not in any position to speak on behalf of Mt Kenya.

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An archetypal hustler, Sudi’s story is a script out of Ruto’s page except that his education credentials are a rumour of sorts. He in fact describes himself as a hero for conquering his repugnant past.

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