Sudi calls for the legalization of illicit drugs to aide in job creation


Controversial MP for Kapsaret Oscar Sudi has suggested the legalization of banned substances as a way of creating jobs. Sudi further claimed that drugs will contribute heavily to taxes for efficient government operations.

“Tukihalilisha biashara ya madawa ya kulewa itamaanisha kwanba wananchi ambao wanajishughulikia katika seka hio wataweza kulipa ushuru alafu vijana watapata kazi”. Speaking in Kapchura grounds in Nandi South, the firebrand politician known for attacking anyone who negatively talks about Ruto gave examples of Canada and the USA who have legalized bhang. He added that Kenya will benefit with addition of Cocaine, Bhang and Hashish on the list. Kenya is currently grappling with unemployment coupled with a dwindling economy as corruption thrives.

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