Sudi forwards Raila’s Circumcision details to DCI headquarters for investigation


Member of Parliament for Kapseret Constituency, Oscar Sudi has now forwarded circumcision details of Raila Odinga to the DCI headquarters for investigation. The legislator insists that the DCI should help the government curb cases of election violence in the country.

In a statement last month,Oscar Sudi urged that failure to undergo circumcision contributes greatly to election violence in the country as witnessed in some regions.

“Let’s be sincere as a nation that would love to achieve everlasting peace one day. After a thorough research, i had to forward the circumcision details of the Opposition Chief to the DCI headquarters for investigation. Apparently, all hospitals deny ever conducting a small surgery on the old man back in 2002” Sudi said.

Oscar Sudi’s move has been condemned by a section of the Orange Democratic Movement leaders. John Mbadi has threatened to airlift a psychiatrist from South Sudan to check Sudi’s mental health.

“Leaders are measured by their level of intelligence and not empty rhetorics. Oscar Sudi has to respect the person of Raila Odinga or face it rough from Kenyans” John Mbadi remarked.

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