Sudi gives detailed report on Raila’s circumcision.


Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi promised to release a comprehensive report on whether the Opposition Chief, Raila Odinga is circumcised or not before the end of the week.Speaking in a fundraising occasion in Emgwen,the politician now says 17 hospitals in Nyanza region have denied ever conducting a minor surgery on Raila Odinga back in 2002.

“What is done in darkness will eventually be exposed. As a country we have been hoodwinked for quite long.Kenya is not ready to be led by a coward” Oscar Sudi quipped.Oscar Sudi is ready to exhaust all avenues and tell Kenyans the truth about the real Raila Odinga.

The debate has raised mixed reactions in the country. Most Kenyans affiliated to the Opposition have condemned Sudi’s war against Raila Odinga. The Kapseret legislator ignited the circumcision debate last month insisting that failure to undergo the initiation process contributes a lot to election violence in the country.

“We do not require Rocket Science to know the most violent regions every election year.That tells us one thing that failure to undergo the small process sparks acts of disturbance in an ecosystem” the Member of Parliament explained.

Oscar Sudi has warned Opposition Politicians against linking Deputy President William Ruto to corruption scandals in the country. He has challenged the Opposition to explain to Kenyans the whereabout of billions of money that disappeared from the public coffer when Raila Odinga was a Prime Minister.

“We will not sit back and watch the noisy opposition tarnish the DP’s name.Raila Odinga has to come forward and tell Kenyans whether he will be on the ballot in 2022 or not”  Oscar Sudi added.

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