Sudi urges ICC in a letter to monitor Raila’s activities before 2022


Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi has written a 13 paged letter requesting the International Criminal Court to monitor the Opposition Chief, Raila Odinga. In the letter, Oscar Sudi thanks the International Criminal Court for acquitting Deputy President William Ruto. The legislator has asked various international agencies to restrict Raila’s entry to places like Zanzibar, Soweto in South Africa and Enugu in Nigeria to prevent cases of witchcraft that ignite tension and violence every election year in the country.

Sudi urges the International Criminal Court to stop playing with the conscience of Kenyans and come for the real culprits of the 2007-2008 election violence before they suspend peace again in 2022.

“I have exhausted all avenues to tame Raila Odinga and the opposition from dividing the country. It is everyone’s prayer in Kenya that the International Criminal Court will come for the real culprits when the time comes. As law abiding citizens, we are determined to work with the world in realizing everlasting peace in our country” reads part of Sudi’s letter to the ICC.

” The purpose of the Opposition Chief owning multiple Bank accounts in countries like Russia and Germany is not determined clearly. As the International Criminal Court, i urge you to freeze the accounts and investigate the source of the ill gotten wealth ” Sudi continued to state in the letter.

The gallant Rift Valley politician has threatened to personally take Raila Odinga to the International Criminal Court if he incites the Nyanza region to violence in 2022. He has urged politician affiliated to the Opposition to stop involving Deputy President William Ruto in useless debates.

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