The ‘Common Mwananchi’ Representative, H.E Mike Sonko, stands out bold to speak on behalf of the voiceless.


When a man visits your house and steps calmly on your wife’s feet who is probably serving you a meal, and response, the wife keeps a gaga on her mouth to remain silent, it is indisputable that the man is engaging in a horizontal engineering activity with your wife. Such a person is very dangerous for obvious reasons.

The Suna East Member of Parliament, Junet Noor Mohhamed who seems to be reading on the same script with the cartels was staging a coup with the Nairobians when he infringed to deny the people’s representative, the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko an opportunity to address the nation. Before things went quagmire, Junet Made a quick shift to invite the Governor, for a statement release. Junet learnt the mistake from the soaring murmurs that were emanating from the floor demanding him to invite Mike Sonko to release a powerful speech.

In his speech, Governor Mike Sonko castigated the ever-escalating public debt, the ever-rising corruption and tribalism which has come to a level it had not been before. The angry Governor on the cartels poked a staunch warning to the government officials for their inability to tame graft. Governor Mike Sonko elucidated that a pack of hungry wolves comprising the high profile government officials emerged to take hold him ransom and make the corruption and land grabbing possible

It is far much better to urinate on your trouser than on people’s taxes. It is far much better to urinate on your trouser than on some lady then take off at the speed of Usain Bolt leaving the child behind to walk with billboard looking her father?

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Governor Mike Sonko has made the life span for the cartels to be as short as an erection. He has sealed all the leaking porous for the cartels and now they are like a drowning man, who is supposed to clutch at anything including a live snake, just to save his soul. The criteria to curb graft and money laundering has been carefully aligned in place.

Why is it that stealing is happening and the culprits are yet to be convicted? Mike Sonko has come out bold requesting the institutions concerned to first arrest those who have already stolen, recovering the loot, then seek to prevent further theft.

‘The best way to arrest a thief is to arrest the thief. If stealing is happening, then how comes, no conviction is made by the courts?’ Mike Sonko lamented.

‘Despite the trillions of Chinese debts, Kenya economy isn’t in any ICU, but the level of graft is an all-time high’ he added.


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