The DP is only sorting out my kid’s upkeep but not my bills,woman breaks silence and asks Kenyans to intervene


An emotional Doris Jepchumba has accused Deputy President William Ruto of failing to keep a promise he made to her four years ago. She feels wasted by the country’s number two in command after he got her pregnant and scampered away.

Doris,28 has repeatedly blamed politicians for taking advantage of daughters of lesser gods. She says her meeting with the Deputy President back in 2014 was meant to cement the political relationship between varsity students and the government. That month is the same month Doctors revealed to her that she was carrying another human being in her womb.

“He only agreed to support my kid after I threatened to make the whole story go viral. Am trying to force him into paying my bills for wasting the woman in me but I never see something coming out of it. It is his fault to get me pregnant as he kept saying I would have his son. I’m trying to stay positive but I feel like a fool because he cannot be reached at all. He only sends Ksh 91,000 every month for the boy’s upkeep which has never been enough to us” Doris spoke to reporters amid tears.

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