The inspired;Willis Raburu.

My  journey:Willis Raburu.
By Lilian Kangani.

The ever humorous Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu ,is one of the most celebrated  journalists in Kenya.

The multitalented media personality didn’t have an easy way into the industry as many people may think.You’ve probably  seen him on your screens a couple of times weekly.Curious to know about how he rose to fame and success?How he did it?What Inspired him?Well you are in the right place,I’m here to quench your thirst.

Here’s a quick glimpse of Willis Raburu’s journey to success.Raburu studied at Agakhan primary school,Kisumu before joining Chemelil mixed academy highschool.Later ,he joined Moi University to pursue bachelor’s  Degree of Information Science in Media.

A large number of media students will agree with me that there’s a norm that media career especially journalism  doesn’t have market  out there and so most parents often want their children to venture into other fields .This wasn’t any different with Willis Raburu’.

“My dad originally wanted me to study IT.I dint have any interest in the field since I wanted to be in Media all through.So when I enrolled for higher education,I lied to him I was studying IT for over three and a half years.”The news anchor revealed in an interview with Citizen.

He joined media as an intern in k24 while in 3rd year at Moi University.He confesses that while working in the newsroom covering stories that couldn’t go without his voice overs.He would later be told  by his boss then,that his voice  was unsuitable  to go on air.But he never gave up ,He says ,he did it every time and again  until he received appreciation from his boss calling him a News anchor.

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When he finished his internship,he went back to school and volunteered at the University’s  radio station which many students looked down upon.He sharpened his skills  and improved his voice.

The reknown journalist believes that to go where nobody has gone ,you need to do what nobody else has done.In citizen,interns were not allowed  to voice for their stories , however he did  his first voice over  to camera within the second week as an intern.

He attributes his success to his former  boss Faridah Karoney,the editorial director.She taught  him that success ain’t an event ,it’s a way of life .People should not know him because he works  for citizen but because of the way  he uses the platform given to him .He says his work should speak for him

Willis Raburu started off with (Truth metre)then he later became a news anchor.He currently hosts citizen TV’s entertainment  show 10 over 10 not to mention that he also has a show at hot 96 radio station.

He has won several awards  on feature stories in the recent past like “The Deadly waters,Road accidents and a story from Rwanda ,A journey of resilience.”

It is with no reasonable doubt that he is a legend by making.I hope you’ve been inspired by Willis Raburu’s story.

Let’s meet on another story ..and let’s be inspired.

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