The Killer Gaza Gang Ring leader disrupt Nairobi city county operations after importing Gaza criminals CBD.


It has been in the limelight that Nairobi county majority leader Hon Guyo has been intimidating sitting MCAs with threats of murder and even sending Gaza gangs to their houses.

One MCA whose identify cannot be disclosed here told our investigator that Majority MCA Guyo send her a group of Gaza gangs to her house who threatened to kill her if she ever interfered with her interest in the county planning department. The lady MCA had questioned why is hon Guyo using the suspended chief officer planning to approve unsafe buildings putting the lifes of the city residents at risk.

Another MCA who questioned why Revenue collection in the county had gone down six months after sonko appointed chief officer Kathenge and further demanded for the suspension/reshuffling of the entire department has not been living in peace.
Immediately after questioning the issues of Revenue,MCA Guyo who seemed concerned told him to keep off the planning Department for the sake of his life .The MCA has since been seeing vehicles follow him from a distance and receiving threatening SMS from unknown Airtel and orange phone numbers.

MCA Guyo has been intimidating his fellow MCAs , county assembly speaker elachi , Nairobi county governor Mike sonko and even county employees who try to block his interest to do tenders in the county

The most shocking news is that two weeks before the collapse of the precious talent academy at dagoretti, suspended chief officer Kathenge and majority hon Guyo had received a bribe of kshs 500,000 to approve it’s structures as safe to human occupation without visiting the site.

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Majority Guyo together with some somali’s in Eastleigh have been sneaking expired food stuff that’s rice ,sugar ,maize floor etc from Uganda and Tanzania which they repackage and sell to the innocent kenyans.

The same somali’s who claim they own Eastleigh they have been constructing illegal unsafe buildings in eastleigh without approvals.whenever this Somali Cartels are approached by city building inspectors they intimidate them using Majority MCA Guyo name and some call Guyo on loudspeaker telling him to chase the county officials away.

Majority MCA Guyo has gone a step further into recruiting the Gaza killer Gang to guard the Somali buildings in Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi.

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