The menace of Cancer in Kenya


The menace of Cancer in Kenya (kills 27,000) per year is directly linked to the intoxicated food we consume in this country due to the blatant failure by KEBS and other standards and measures institutions to enforce the laws relating to health standards.

The greed of the political elites and the incompetent bureaucracy have pushed them to bring into the country:

1. Rotten and intoxicated fertiliser which affects all our farm produce with chemicals dangerous to human beings.

2. Poisonous starch food products with unacceptable levels of aflotoxins.

3. Contaminated processed juices and other drinks.

4. Bad medicine no longer acceptable in many countries with good enforcement regimes for health standards and measures.

5. Steroid and antibiotics levels in chicken and other livestock consumed in our houses. Dangerous.

6. Dangerous agricultural chemicals like pesticides which then get into the atmosphere and also directly into the foods we eat.

7. Terrible additives on fuel and other manufacturing chemicals that equally directly get into the foods we consume but also get discharged into the atmosphere hence polluting the air we all breath.

8. Add the impacts of global warming and climate change that now dirtify the air we all breath to levels beyond our lungs to cleanse.

To contain and reverse these calamities will require serious action that cannot be drafted and enforced by the current greedy political administration.

Kenyans, we must think seriously about of common problems if we are to live together as human beings.

The alternative is we are all gonna fall prey to the rapacious man made involuntary and unavoidable intoxication of our country.

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If strategically requested tests are revealing we are consuming poison of high magnitudes in peanut butter et al,

How sure can we be that most of our other consumables are not intoxicated?

In the entire process of making sugar there is no usage of mercury yet sugar coming into Kenya gets laced with mercury.

Just how?

What was the role of that mercury in sugar even for the traders?

Could there be a secret chemical war against Kenyans?

And even after tests showed presence of dangerous mercury in sugar the same is still at large in our market being sold through supermarkets et al.

We are surely gonna see an increase in pain and suffering from these terminal diseases closely associated with the food we eat and the environment we live in.

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