The Rotten Baby Selling Hospital Turned Into Private Like Facility By Sonko Using The Youngest Administrator In His Government


The power of young people.

Nobody could have imagined that Pumwani maternity hospital would recover its tranquility and the swift working paraphernalia enhanced to be aligned in order.

The cartels had invaded the hospital, looting all the available parameters, selling of toddlers by subsequent masters of cartels, among harassment of pregnant mothers by use of abusive words. What else explains arrogance and uncouth behavior than a person insulting a pregnant woman who should be subjected to professional health care services?

The Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, couldn’t bear the woes Pumwani hospital had succumbed to, when the Pumwani maternity hospital was stunted and struggling on its knees to survive, this was the time the maternity was admitted to ICU to wait for its fare to graveyard, When it was invaded by acrobats who were the experts of looting and graduated in the libel of self-gain, the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, single-handedly came out for the rescue of the maternity. To regain the hospital’s sanity, Mike Sonko purged out the looting lot from administering the hospital and induced a new competitive team headed by the youngest administrator Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke.

Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke has wholeheartedly rescued Pumwani from sinking deeper to the sea bed. Our women have vowed in one tone that the hospital is now providing services as required and the working staffs have on their side praised the corporate administrator Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke for his commitment, punctuality and his skill of communication supersedes everyone.

Young people are denied opportunities to administer and run public offices as many think that they are inexperienced.

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Just like Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke, the government should start to think on the other side of the coin and induce young people in the offices to run. Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke has demonstrated that yes they can. The government should start building capabilities on how to develop innovation strategies. In his tenure, Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke has forged long term relationships with the patients, build high performing teams, enhance accountability, manage people, communicate effectively, make appropriate judgments and emotional intelligence.

The hospital is now flagging in East Africa, aided by such a brilliant mind, with passion and interest to serve our expectant mothers.

Why should we lie when it is also possible to hail the truth?

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