The Senior Police Officer in Coast Region, Rashid Yukub, Seriously Injured Governor Mike Sonko- Governor’s Doctor confirms


The Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was succumbed to serious injuries Yesterday, moments before his arrest in Voi.

The senior police officer in the coast region who was seen holding a personal vendetta with the Governor, stubbed the Governor with a blurred object in the left lower armpit.

The swollen part is worsening and the Governors requires an urgent medical attention to rescue his health status.

Governor Mike Sonko, through exposure of the swollen part in a video going round, has claimed that not only the exposed part is screwing him in agony, but he also has some internal injuries that are creating him discomfort moments.

The police ought to have arrested Mike Sonko with alot of decorum.

Every other person is innocent until proven guilty, Mike Sonko is not exemplary, he is innocent until proven guilty. Why would the police officer handle the Governor as if he is a criminal?

The voice and sanctity of the city residents must be respected. Mishandling the governor is more less like playing with the lives of more than 800k people on the mouth of a hungry lion.

The police officers are not above the law, the EACC officials are not above arrest. It beats a loud with a thud the common knowledge on how could the National police allow itself to be partisan in such a crucial matter. Why would the police officer injure unarmed governor? Can that enumerate the basic defense?


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