They are now threatening Ruth with phone calls every time to consider their offer or suffer in the hands of Mr.Muriuki


After all social media outcry and shares of Ruth Rono conditions, with a good heart Mr.Muriuki observed all these & offered Ruth a job at Seven Meals Company as an HR manager. He also offered to rent her plus her siblings a two bedroomed house & also to school her siblings.

Things now have turned political. Gideon Moi’s wife, Zahra Moi ran to her Facebook account and posted another offer for the young girl. She offered her a job at Kabarak University & GDC. Not bad.

But yesterday, Gideon Moi spanner boys erupted that what Muriuki offered Ruth was an internship, not a job. They further claim that 30,000 is a less salary to give Ruth for a start. They are now threatening Ruth with phone calls every time to consider their offer or suffer in the hands of Mr.Muriuki.

Ironically, Ruth hails from Baringo County, the same COUNTY headed by Senator Gideon Moi. The question is; Where were these people when Ruth was going through all these?? Politicians should not take advantage of peoples suffering to gain political mileage.

What you say about this??

Check comments of annoyed Kenyans on social media

Gordon Joe Odhiambo Baringo ni kubwa boss,hauwezi jua kila mtu hata kama wewe ni leader.Let’s not twist this noble gesture
Richard Nyambisa Politician will always be politician. Hiyo PR ya Moi ni kujitoa aibu.
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Fred Obuna I need that Kabarak Jo
Peter Tosh Mwanawaingo They are called keyboard warriors “NgombeSan
Ezbon Korir Maziwa ya Gideon Moi imekuwa Mala. Ingekuwa ile time ya President Moi baba yake,maziwa ilikuwa fresh.
Don’t trust “MALA MALA THINGS”
  • Prince Francis Muasya Gideon should know that we are not playing politics in such a serious issue. He should go and look for other county young graduates and make the offer to them
  • George Joseph Oyaro You know, she may have lived in Baringo county yes, but it’s not the duty of politicians to know who graduated from which university that has no job. Had the media not highlighted her problems even Muruiki wouldn’t have known. Now that the media has helped, let the politicians help. All we want to see is how she would live a better life. Let her weigh which one offers the best remunerations!
  • Raphael Wairegi I knew this so called Moi’s will come in with some sort of confusion but where were they when she was suffering,now they want now to look good and take this situation of a humble, innocent woman to be political, someone offered Ksh 30000 for the woman because the Moi’s with their trillions could offer absolutely nothing
  • Mariita Onkang’i Ugenya Siaya Alego I don’t think it’s bad to give Ruth a counter offer. I never knew Ruth existed until a hawk eyed Kenyan highlighted her plight, you will not be surprised to learn that Gideon Moi learnt the same way. There is no harm to offer
  • Justin Mutembei Muriuk’s offer comes from a big hearted man which is rare, there is also a sense of humor and family love as the hands are extended reaching to the siblings also.
    Muriuki needs to be celebrated.
    Good luck Muriuki.
  • Oliver Omondi She should take the offer from Moi family, it sounds lucrative, with her first class she can advance in studies and teach at the kabarak university34
  • Clement Kiriga Now that Ruth has gotten a job, another Ruth can have Gideon’s job. I am sure there are thousands of Ruths in this country. BIG ups to Muriuki.
  • Albert Koech There are many youths who have graduated in baringo at large. So let those offers to be given to them. Coz it’s not only Ruth who needs help
  • David Gitau I can’t trust a politician better hio 30k from a willing “wanjiku”
    Ruth Danson Well asked better 30k ya roho safi kuliko mamia elfu ya muda mtu asipochaguliwa hutawai muona hata simu hachukui
  • Roger Ola Do they know all who are suffering in Baringo? Senator kazi yake ni oversight
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