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The white color from Asumbi, Evans Kidero, the gang who looted Mumias Sugar company to crawl on its knees, and quickly strangled its neck to die permanently, ricocheted the same looting decibels to Nairobi county, while he was imposed to Nairobians and masquerading as the county governor, everything under his tenure was a razzmatazz.

To fix the Nairobi county and restore sanity, Mike Sonko, had to flip over and predicate the sinking County.

When Governor Mike Sonko took the oath of office in 2017, he had promised to fix Nairobi’s problems within 100 days. That included ending traffic snarl-ups, the garbage problem and fixing roads. It didn’t take long as many expected county was relieved from such honchos.

Some achievements cited in the Fiscal Strategy Paper for 2019-20 are improved infrastructure, better healthcare, better waste management, and education.

Who still experience any problem as far as the transport sector is concerned? You won’t be honest if you can raise your hand. In transport, 55km roads have been tarmacked, 130km graded and graveled and 5.3km walkways constructed. About 39,000 streetlights have been installed and 20,800 public lights maintained.

The Health Department has enhanced maternal care. It targets skilled attendants and expansion of immunization coverage by 12 percent. In mid-2018-19, Pumwani Maternity Hospital was equipped with a cold room and extra delivery wards.
Chief administrator Pumwani Maternity hospital Geoffrey Mosiria Omatoke said the county converted a medicine storage room and an unused matron’s house into wards.
“The hospital will now have 100 beds in the two new wards to ease congestion,” he said.

Mama Lucy hospital is now a traversed hospital with 71 bed capacity oriented with an ICU of 20 bed capacity.

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On the same gear of health, Mbagathi Maternity wing which was once castigated for having 150 bed capacity with new born unity is already renovated and doing somersaults while waiting to be commissioned by Mike Sonko.

In waste management, 900 tonnes of solid waste are collected daily and taken to the Dandora Dumpsite. Sixty tonnes of solid waste have been recovered from Nairobi River and its banks and about 10km of riparian land recovered.

In Markets, Mike Sonko has invested in Wakulima Market in Kangundo Road with an aid of USA modern markets technology.

Anyone who has set his foot at Waithaka station can admit that actually, the governor is overworking. Waithaka fire station is now fully equipped with fire engines, ambulances, boreholes and other facilities that will enable to respond to fire disasters timely.

Mike Sonko has rescued Nairobi from pacing to its graveyard.

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