Uhuru likely to Retain 5 Cabinet Secretaries

Kenyan official presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, attends a ceremony marking the 39th anniversay of Kenyan independence in Nairobi 12 December 2002. Making one of his last public appearances before his retirement next month, President Daniel arap Moi urged Kenyans to accept the results of landmark general elections due 27 December. AFP PHOTO/Simon MAINA (Photo credit should read SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday gave strict orders to the cabinet secretaries who have been politicking instead of working to deliver the big Four agenda.

The president who is focused to leave a legacy after his term expires fired shots to the Cabinet Secretaries stating they should pave way for the many qualified young people

With the president’s remarks, the following are the Cabinet Secretaries likely to survive should he fire the non-performers.

1.Dr.Fred Matiangi

The Interior Cabinet Secretary has been outstanding in his position and duty to the delight of Kenyans.His work, ethics, energy will grant him serve in the cabinet for long.

2.Rachelle Omamo

The defense cabinet Secretary since her appointment to the highest and most powerful docket has displayed exemplary leadership to the efficiency of work in the defense department.

3.Najib Balala

The Tourism Cabinet Secretary has been on the international scorecard as the best tourism minister and he has revived the tourism sector despite Kenya facing myriad challenges.

4.Henry Rotich

The Treasury CS, since he took over in 2013, has managed to make the Kenyan economy and shilling stable in the world market and has been outstanding. He is among the few cabinet Secretaries who have never played politics.

5.Monica Juma

The Foreign Affairs CS is one of the most admired CS in the country, continent and the globe with her due diligence.

The ministry may even be ranked top due to the diplomatic missions within the short period she has been in the ministry. She is the most outstanding female Cabinet Secretary has not danced to politics.

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