Uhuru Should First Arrest Jimmy Wanjigi and Spencer Elms Before Victimizing Kalenjins – Oscar Sudi


Kapseret Member  of Parliament Oscar Sudi has said that the government should stop frustrating Kalenjin politicians and instead aim on on arresting the likes of Wanjigi and Spencer Elms who were directly involved in the recent Dam  scandal. Sudi was referring to a recent investigation where Wanjigi and Spencer Elms were named as beneficiaries of the mega scandal. Detectives at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have linked two companies owned by controversial businessman Jimmy Wanjigi to Arror and Kimwarer dams scandals where taxpayers have lost Ksh 21 billion in an irregular advance payment to troubled Italian firm – CMC Di Ravena.

The criminal Guy Spencer Elms at a past court appearence

According to documents seen by Nation, Wanjigi’s company Tyl Limited which was incorporated in the Isle of Man – a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland, was used as a conduit to transfer hundreds of millions from Italy, London, Comoros Island and finally Nairobi.

Investigations have further revealed that Wanjigi, a key architect of the multi-billion Anglo-leasing scandal that ripped off Kenyans billions of shillings in 1997, assisted British born billionaire lawyer Guy Spenser Elms to transfer Ksh 980 million from an account in Italy to National Bank of Dubai.

According to bank transfer records, the flamboyant tycoon extended a business loan to Messes ‘Tiles and Carpets Centre Ltd’, owned by Guy Spenser. Last month, Spenser was among the ten Directors of ‘Tiles & Carpets’ summoned by DCI boss George Kinoti in connection with the dams’ scandal.

Apart from offering loans to businessmen and construction corporations across Africa, Tyl Ltd also deals with heavy transactions and cash transfers. The investigations have further revealed that, as commission agent for the Italian firm CMC Di Ravena, Wanjigi’s firm was paid 10% commission i.e Ksh 6.5 billion for the two dams whose total cost is 65billion.

Wanjigi – Spencer romance did not start with the dams, in 1997 the duo hatched the Anglo-Leasing scandal; where a sophisticated passport equipment system was sourced from France and forensic science laboratories for the police were sourced from Britain.

The transaction was originally quoted at 6 million euros by a French firm, but was awarded to a British firm, Anglo-Leasing Finance, at 30 million euros, who would have sub-contracted the same French firm to do the work. The tender was not publicly advertised, and its details were leaked to the media by a junior civil servant, who was later found murdered.

The Anglo-Leasing sales agent was Sudha Ruparell, a 48-year-old woman who is the daughter of Chamanlal Kamani and sister of Rashmikant Chamanlal Kamani and Deepak Kamani. The Kamani family has been involved in various security supplies scandals in the past and Guy Spenser Elms is their attorney.

In January 2006, the Anglo-Leasing Scandal was given fresh impetus through the publication of John Githongo’s report. The new revelations indicated that Anglo-Leasing Finance was just one of a plethora of phantom entities, including some UK companies, used to perpetrate fraud on the Kenyan taxpayer through non-delivery of goods and services and massive overpricing. Wanjigi’s pet company Tyl Limited was at the heart of this fraud.

Just like the Anglo-Leasing scandal during the Narc administration, Arror and Kimwarer dams probe have raised political temperatures with a section of Rift Valley leaders lead by the Deputy President William Ruto terming it as unwarranted political witch-hunt. During the ‘state of judiciary’ address, Dr. Ruto insisted that only Sh 7billion had been paid and that no money has been lost contrary to DPP’s assertions that billions have been irregularly paid.

On his death bed, former Finance Minister David Mwiraria is said to have admitted that, proceeds from the Anglo-Leasing scandal were primarily intended for Narc’s 2007 re-election bid. Perhaps this explains why Ruto allies are infuriated by the ongoing investigations that have revealed the beneficiaries of this mega scam.

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