Video : Meet 1st First Class Honors Graduate Who Stays At Home Due to Poverty, Sickness


They say that life is a journey full of ups and downs but for one Ruth from Baringo County, the Ups in life have greatly been overtaken by the unending problems that keep coming her way and that of her family.

Ruth, who graduated 4 years ago from Chuka University with a first class honours having pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Statistics, has not been able to secure any job since.

She is at home taking care of her siblings. One of her younger sisters is disabled and she requires round-the-clock attention which has put her in an awkward position as she is the family’s sole breadwinner with no formal job.

Her mother is sick and due to the impoverished state of the family, she decided to go back to her home so that she can be well attended to by relatives.

Her father is a said to be a drunkard and he cares less about the children leaving them in the hands of Ruth the first born daughter who is now doing manual labour to carter for fees and food for her younger siblings.

Two of her siblings are in day school and she is the one who goes up and down to ensure that they study. She is now calling upon members of the public and any other well wisher to assist her get a job so that she can help her family.


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