Vihiga County Governor building an Sh103M palatial official residence.


Vihiga county taxpayer will have to part with Sh103 million to build a magnificent mansion for their Governor Wilbur Ottichilo.

On Thursday Governor officially launched construction of his palatial residence in order to beat the June 30 deadline when house allowances for governors, their deputies, and the assembly Speakers will be abolished.

The Governor also launched the construction of his deputy Governor home at a cost of Sh55 million, making the total construction budget to Sh158 million.

According to the country revenue board, the county can be able to raise Sh153 million from
its own sources like business permits, parking fees and land rates meaning the construction budget are more than what they can raise.

The county is said to have purchased a two-acre land where the mansion will be built at a cost of shs23.9 million, while the governor’s lavish home will cost Sh80 million.

While speaking during the launch the county boss called upon the contractor, Mr. Judas Ekero, to ensure the work was completed and the house ready by June 30.

According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), county governors, deputy governors and assembly speakers will lose house allowances from June 30.

The SRC required all their official residences to be ready by July 1.

“From July 1, the governors, their deputies, and Speakers will not have house allowances,” said Dr. Ottichilo. “We will not have a place to live and sleep from July 1., The contractor should work day and night to ensure the. as I settle into the house on July 1.” Read the circular.

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