Vutaride ranked as the most cheapest, safest and convenient digital taxi company in 2018


Vutaride has been ranked as the cheapest, safest and convenient digital taxi company in 2018.In a survey done between November  18th, 2018- and January 12th, 2019. 7850 Kenyans were interviewed. Taxify was ranked as the most expensive. While uber was ranked as the most insecure due to cases of rapes, thuggery, and kidnapping.

Vutaride joined Kenyan market early last year. We’ve identified that it’s the only company owned and operated by Kenyans. Among the reasons Vutaride is outshining other taxi operators taxi apps is because of its banking on USSD as its competitive edge over its competitors such as Uber, Taxi, Little cab. The introduction of USSD Code *401# for its users to browse through, select and hail their taxis as the competition in the market stiffens. Vutaride is the first and convenient platform with a USSD platform.

Vutaride taxi offline app made its way into the East African taxi market, making it easier for taxi enthusiasts to experience cheaper, faster, reliable and safer rides as well as maximizing incomes. As opposed to other apps, the new app will not require internet function to operate. Users will only be required to dial *401# and choose their preferred mode of ride.

The research conducted by TIIFA, Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) in CONJUNCTION with CoFEK, Consumers Federation of Kenya and Motorist Association of Kenya showed minimum complaints from Vutaride Drivers. The research involved both drivers and Vutaride users and part of the testimonials

Unlike other local taxi apps, the Vutaride app was considered best as it’s usable in all the East African countries in local dialects of Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Kiganda, and Amharic.

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The uniqueness of Vutaride is in its ability to widen its scope beyond Kenya’s borders. With the platform designed to accommodate all the East African member countries, the Taxi Bussiness looks to tap into an untapped market by adopting local dialects including Swahili, Kiganda, Kinyarwanda, and Amharic. Unlike other competitors, Vutaride does not require the internet to function; this is a milestone for the local Mwananchi.

Vutaride was also marked as the best company that has produced opportunities and employment to young people. The app offers employment opportunities to young people from all walks of life across the East African region, as well as creating more income for the already existing taxi drivers who have been exploited by exuberant taxi apps that take a big chunk of income from them.



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