Who is this funding media houses using tax payers money to fight sonko?


I hear, the beast dispatched to eat up Dr Ruto’s ambitions, has been added more responsibility, to eat up Sonko, should they meet him anywhere in the roads, while they are running after William

Nairobi ought to have been under a tight grip in the hands of the owners of Kenya, but Sonko bullied his way to it’s leadership

They let him be, because then, the biggest prize was presidency, and for this to be won, there had to be an intricate yet delicate balancing acts, which involved making little sacrifices.

Now that presidency is delivered, it is now time to slap the governor Sonko hard on his face. The reality is that Sonko has delivered Nairobi county from the wardrobe of corruption, from the fangs of incompetence and from the hood of misappropriation of public funds.

The truism of the matter is that the FIDA acrobats are propelled by the top government owners to conjoin their energy so that they can purge out the governor. The anti-corruption commission officers spent the entire day grilling the Governor over the alleged impropriety in issuance of garbage-collection tenders, as the 24 hours of the day were less, since they couldn’t locate any fault related to the governor, they hauled him back into the interrogation room where he spent hours being grilled by the Kenya Revenue Authority over tax evasion claims.

So damaging are the allegations that the governor has set in motion the process of naming a deputy should he be required to step aside as the boss at City Hall. Why should you force the governor to name the deputy? What’s the hurry for? Could this be the reason they want our able governor out of the office? Justice should prevail.

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Their bulging political influences must be checked

So disadvantageous to them, is the fact that anyone hunting the governor has ready arsenal to shoot him, provided by none other than the victims themselves, because both possess a severe thirst to participate in scandals.

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