Why I Kicked Out Passaris; She Was Adding No Value, Just Walking Pantless In My Office, Doing Squarts and begging for money-Sonko


Nairobi women representative, Esther Passaris is having a holiday from hell after Governor Sonko decided to hit back describing her as a loose woman who adds no value to the county of Nairobi than walking naked in the Governor’s office.

“She was always on my phone. She even wanted to know if I make love to my wife. She was just simply jealous and inconsiderate and that couldn’t work between us. Am happy that it has ended. “ Governor Sonko said in a statement.

“It has not been easy for me as a leader since the day rumours circulated that I was having an affair with Rachel Shebesh. Esther Passaris personally confronted me and claimed that I needed a much more beautiful woman than Shebesh. She even disrespectfully described the former women representative as an ugly dodo. Whatever that means I don’t know but it is now clear that Passaris just wanted to  use me. The main reason why I kicked her out of my office is when I learnt of her unending habit of hovering naked around me doing squats perhaps to maintain hips and curves or to lure me into giving her free hand outs ” Governor Sonko added.

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