Why President Uhuru Kenyatta will retire a disappointed man with no mouth watering legacy.


The way president Uhuru Kenyatta runs this country has taken us back to his father’s way of dictatorship. It’s known that his father was a dictator who didn’t want the competition. He humiliated his deputy president Moi and he eventually died leaving Moi as the president. History will soon repeat itself the son of Kenyatta is humiliating his Deputy president Ruto and soon miracles will happen to lead to Ruto rising to power.
Kenyans are tired of threats from the president who has made the economy unfavorable to poor Kenyans. A time comes when the people will say enough is enough. The revolution is coming and it will swallow the Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s.
Moi family has taken a low profile as they have seen the revolution coming and they have kept off because the Kenyatta’s are not taking advice.
The president is being advised by the wrong people led by 2017 political losers. The political losers all they think about are revenging against those who led to their downfall and the same is happening with the team now fighting the deputy president.
They have misled the president into fighting his own people in government forgetting that he wants to return to power 2022 through the BBI.

The repeat of 2007 might happen and that will be the end of the Kenyatta’s as Ruto will take up presidency.

Kenyans are suffering, no money circulation in the economy and though measures by the government regulating the circulation of money in the economy to favor the Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s will soon turn against them.

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A revolution is coming and it will start from central Kenya the home of the president. His backyard will turn against him and will have no option but to surrender power to the hustlers and that will mark the fall of the dynasties.

Raila has seen a revolution coming. He has forgotten about it and he is busy in government through handshake reengineering it without knowing.

Luos and Kikuyus are tired of the two families. They are tired of the two families. They are the ones suffering most and someone is not advising the president that his way of leadership is not what Kenyans want as they fully know their rights.

Raila must survive the revolution by siding with Ruto when things get worse but the Kenyatta’s will fall as they are being advised by a system that uses the old tactics which have outdated by the events.

Kenya’s revolution is loading and if the president hasn’t seen it, then he needs to change his advisory team. Someone should rush to the president and tell him to stop fighting his elected leaders. They have the masses they control who are not happy with the actions.

Recent Political arrest and humiliation of governor Mike Sonko has made him more popular and loved countrywide than the president himself. If he continues with that, the Governor might shift to Ruto’s side.

The Kamba community has already deflected after what the president did to governor Mike Sonko.

The Governors and leaders pretending to be with the president are not fools, they know the ground is hostile and for them survive from being arrested due to corruption they must side with the president as they wait for 2022 when they will dump him officially.

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Mr. President, the ground is not safe for you and your advisory team is not telling you the truth.

You need to wake up and restore the economy or else you will 2022 Prime Minister through viusasa.

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