Why some Nilotes fear circumcision, Oscar Sudi explains


Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi now says he is yet to determine the exact reason why a certain Nilotic group in Kenya fears circumcision. In a statement, Oscar Sudi has promised to exhaust all avenues to compile a full report on why the group hates the knife with passion.

“Nilotes have been practicing the important stage in life for a very long time.How these ones decided to do away with the practice is still a mystery to me” Sudi quipped.

Sudi associates too much politicking and election violence to lack of circumcision. He has urged the government to pass a law compelling men to undergo the process.

“You may be learned. You may be very talented in all sorts of madness but failure to do undergo that simple thing disqualifies you from the male species” Oscar Sudi.

The Kapseret legislator has threatened to give a full list of uncircumcised politicians in the country before the end of the year. ” It is upon them to decide. Knife or face humiliation” Sudi added in  a statement.

The Member of Parliament has warned opposition politicians from associating Deputy President William Ruto in petty politics. He has also urged Mombasa Governor not to engage Ruto as they are not birds of the same feathers.

“Of all people, Joho cannot purpot to lecture Dr Ruto.The war should be between me and the Slay King from the Coast” Sudi said.

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