You’re not the biological dad to my son,Jared Ombongi shares screenshots from Lilian Muli


Shabana FC boss,Lilian Muli has rubbished media reports that he reunited with his ex-wife,Lilian Muli more than one month ago.Mr Ombongi has also dismissed an instagram post made by Lilian Muli that he apologized after it went viral on social media that he is a community husband.

“I distance myself from being associated with the person of Lilian Muli.I have seen the media falsely reporting that i apologized to a woman who disrespected me in broad daylight” Mr Jared Ombogi said.

Referring to his earlier remarks in December that Lilian Muli was not a supportive wife, he maintains that his ex wife was a hard creature to understand as she only hovered naked in the house at weird hours while shouting at him.

Mr Jared Ombongi has also revealed that he gave up on the marriage after the Citizen News anchor send a text message telling him that he is not the biological father to their little son,Liam.

Screenshot shared by Jared Ombongi exposing his ex-wife,Lilian Muli

The Shabana FC boss has urged the women fraternity to respect men who take a step of marrying them as it is only a favor.He urges that the increasing cases of immorality and drug abuse are as a result of ungrateful wives.

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